Career Readiness: Tips on Organizing

SEEED’s Weekly voice – April 5, 2017

Career Readiness: Tips on Organizing
Written by Taria Person

Last week we discussed tips on résumé building, and how to look more appealing to an employer. This week we are delving into a few ways to get and maintain organization in our day to day lives. The skills that we will discuss are:

  • Creating a schedule
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Being creative/having fun

Let’s get organized!

Making a schedule for yourself is a great way to track what, when, where, why, and sometimes how, you are doing at specific times or periods throughout the day and week. It was stated from some CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, that If you break your schedule into 15 minute increments, it helps with productivity. Give it a try!

Time management
Sometimes it’s easy to find ourselves on Snapchat or Instagram, when we are supposed to get tasks done. I know about this, oh so well!

When getting organized and managing time, prioritizing our tasks and time is another important thing to consider. For instance, If you have eight hours and eight things on your to-do-list, prioritizing is a must.

Multitasking and setting realistic goals, are other aspects that ensure getting more things accomplished within the time we possess. It’s important to give adequate amount of time for our tasks, and to remain realistic, not to set ourselves up for failure.

This one may look out of place, but think about it…if you do not communicate your schedule with your employer or family, what will happen?

It is important to communicate effectively to develop the skills of organization, creating schedules, and time management. Remember, they all work together!

Be creative
This process does not have to be boring. When getting organized there are many ways to make the experience creative and/or fun.

  • Color coordination
  • Fonts
  • Decorative filing

Think about your style and get organized!

Until next time, keep growing.

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