Career Readiness: What’s your Pathway out of Poverty?

Written by Taria Person

Welcome back to another week of SEEED’s Weekly Voice. This week we’re sharing a personal narrative from Career Readiness graduate, Taria Person. Comment and share your personal stories with us here at SEEED Knox!

When I was in the Career Readiness Program, a life changing statement came to me in the form of graffitied-etchings in the margins of my notebook. The repetitive bolded phrase was, “Start Today!” So there I am, chuckling to myself, during the Time Management class about consistent, active movement in my career.

Honestly, who is as passionate about your vision as you are? Nothing is impossible, but who sees your vision the way you see it? Who will do what it takes to make your dream tangible?

There are many facets of poverty–financial, spiritual, mental, physical, and many times it’s hard to work on one when others overlap.
For myself, it was a hard realization to face, but definitely a necessary one. A couple of months ago, I dwelled on my past and all that I’ve done, that should have me here and there, and the words came in an influx; however, Stan Johnson, Director of SEEED, asked me to do the Past | Present | Future exercise.

Stan had me write down everything that was holding me back from my past, the present, which was usually spent on what happened or what I wanted to happen, followed by the anxiety of not knowing what’s in the future.  I’m not perfect and none of us are, but we do have the power to reroute our journey, pause and pick back up where we left off. Go ahead and ask yourself right now, “What am I doing TODAY to find my pathways out of poverty?” Remember to Start Today! Until next time keep growing.

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