Meet the Staff: Ms. Beverley Brown

Written by Taria Person


Welcome to SEEED’s Weekly Voice! This week’s blog will feature one of SEEED’s most prominent figures, Beverley Brown. Her role at SEEED is the Office Manager, where she interacts with everyone who comes through the threshold, upholding the mission, “to create pathways out of poverty for young adults through career readiness training, while equipping communities with environmental literacy skills.”

Recently Beverley, also known as “Ms. B,” won an award from the CAC for her outstanding work at SEEED. This blog will highlight some of her accomplishment!

(Interview with Beverley Brown)
Me: Ms. B, what is the responsibility of an Office Manager, and how long have you had the position?

Ms. B: Two engage whoever comes into SEEED, get them signed in, and to make sure that “It’s a great day at SEEED.” And I’ve had the position of Office Manager for one year.

Me: What have you enjoyed about working for SEEED?

Ms. B: That it has given me an opportunity to understand and help young people.

Me: What recent award did you win from the CAC, and why? And what is the CAC?

Ms. B: The CAC is, Community Action for the Community – Senior Services. I won an award for Participant of the month.

Me: How did you feel, winning this award? And how do you think accomplishments such as your award, impact the organization and the people of SEEED?

Ms. B: Winning this award is encouragement that I am on the path towards great success.
It has provided me with the updated skills that I need to do an excellent job, here at SEEED.

Me: Any final words?

Ms. B: I am very happy to be part of SEEED. Learning from others, and helping young adults get out of poverty, and meeting young people like yourself with such talents and gifts. Thank you for this interview!

Me: Thank you!

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