Meet the Staff: Kaleeisha Huffine

Written by Taria Person


Welcome to SEEED’s Weekly Voice! This week we will highlight the exceptional work from one of SEEED’s young leaders, Kaleeisha Huffine. Ms. Huffine is an aspiring model and veterinarian, a Career Readiness Graduate, and the Assistant Manager for Community Engagement at SEEED.

(Interview with Kaleeisha)


Taria Person: How long have you been the Assistant Manager for Community Engagement at SEEED? And how did you obtain this position?


Kaleeisha Huffine: Since January of this year[2017]. Stan [Director of SEEED] and Rick [Director of Community Engagement] presented me with the position because of my great leadership, organizational skills, canvassing skills, and my ability to engage people.


Taria Person: What are some of your daily responsibilities?


Kaleeisha Huffine: We assign tasks every day, we canvass, we have weekly meetings to go over what went well and what did not go so well.


Taria Person: What do you love about your job?


Kaleeisha Huffine: I love being around my peers! I love that we are doing some great things in the community, because some people look at millennials and think that we are a difficult group of people to work with.


Taria Person: How would you describe your impact?


Kaleeisha Huffine: I have ambition! I’m going to be a veterinarian. I know there are obstacles in my way, and I know I can get over them. Also, my smile has impact. Not only does it help me, but others. My smile eases conflict, instead of forceful resolution.


Taria Person: Any final thoughts?


Kaleeisha Huffine: Yeah. First, keep pushing. Obstacles are temporary…if you let them be. Second, listen. Just listening to someone can help you get through things. And last, don’t let your past define who you are today. Thanks!


Taria Person: Thank you!

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