Interview w/ Energy Corps Trainee | Jordan Littlejohn

SEEED KNOX: Interview w/ Energy Corps Trainee | Jordan LittleJohn.
Written by Taria Person 
Posted by Treasure Hightower 

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Last week I had the privilege of speaking with Jordan Littlejohn, which is a trainee–who has made it to the second round–within the Energy Corps Program. We talked about his plans and aspirations, and the influence and importance of community engagement. Here is what he expressed, regarding his experience at SEEED. Enjoy!

(Interview w/Jordan Littlejohn and Taria Person)

Person: Hey! My name is Taria Person. I’m the community engagement specialist and blogger, here at SEEED. Nice to meet you.

Littlejohn: Hey, I’m Jordan Littlejohn. Nice to meet you, too.

Person: So Jordan, tell me your SEEED story. How were you informed about the nonprofit, and the Energy Corp Program?

Littlejohn: I ride my skateboard by SEEED all the time. I had no clue what it was all about, but I saw a flyer as I was riding by one day, and I was interested.

Person: What are your plans and aspirations while you are in the program? What do you plan on getting out of this program?

Littlejohn: I plan to get my certificate, first. It will be good to work with a personal contractor in a new line of work, also. I came here to advance because I got tired of working, but not making improvements because of where I was at.

Person: Okay. What are the three most compelling lessons, you’ve received from the Energy Corps Program?

Littlejohn: Debra Porter, Davett Jones, and the hands on & community training we’ve been doing. Debra Porter talked about bank accounts, and the importance of knowing where your money is going. Davett Jones taught us, “Who Taught You To Be Broke?” I will never forget her. She taught us some real money saving tips. The hands on stuff, I love that approach because that’s where I learn the most. Being able to go out into the community…to really be productive, that’s where I learn. I’m not just sitting in the classroom, so it’s more of a learning experience for me.

Person: Is SEEED a program that you believe can be beneficial to young adults?

Littlejohn: Most definitely. I’m benefiting. Ever since I started, it’s been something positive everyday. It’s like a spirit. It’s a good spirit going on. I feel like any young adult can come to this program and feel the same way I feel about it. There’s nothing but good vibes about this place. I remember a time Ms. Mandy got emotional when talking to us; she got serious. She let us know how serious she is about us. It shows, that it’s not just people here helping you. They show love. They have emotions, and the work means something to them all. At that point I was like, ‘Okay. SEEED is a place where I want to be connected.’

Person: Thank you for that response. Here is my last question. What do you believe everyone young person needs in order to succeed?

Littlejohn: Motivation. If you don’t keep yourself motivated, you’ll fall down. I’ve been there before. That’s what I do now. You keep yourself motivated, you aren’t ever going to fail or lose.

Person: I definitely appreciate this interview, and it was such a pleasure speaking with you.

Littlejohn: Hey! Thank you for coming to me and including me. I appreciate it.

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