Creating Pathways out of Poverty: Expert Perspective on Success

Written by Taria Person
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I became affiliated with SEEED via its Career Readiness Program last year, so every chance that I get, I try to ask a student about their experience. Personally knowing about the impact that SEEED plays on young adults, who are creating pathways out of poverty for themselves, I was interested in hearing what Jamond Stacy had to say.


(Interview w/Jamond Stacy)

1)  What brought you to SEEED’s Energy Corps program?

I was looking for a job! I was talking to my neighbor about different options, and SEEED came up. My neighbor said that they were getting young adults certified, in like construction, and sending them out with contractors. So I went to check it out.


2) Can you express your experience of the Energy Corps Program?

It has been a great experience! People come in to teach math, to prepare us for tests and work in the field. I’ve also learned that a successful life is about making and keeping connections. Before, I joined the program, I never thought about going to an advisor, or about sustaining myself with financial goals that I had set. Yeah, my experience has been the many benefits coming out of this program.


3) SEEED’s mission is to “create pathways out of poverty for young adults through career readiness training, while equipping communities with environmental literacy skills.” How has the nonprofit’s mission statement influenced your life?

The part of the mission statement that sticks out to me is, “creating pathways out of poverty for young adults.” I have a lot of friends in poverty. I’m in poverty too, but if I follow through with what SEEED had said, I can be out of poverty one day soon. I’ve already started telling my friends about weatherizing houses, saving energy, and the importance of us all doing so.


4) In your opinion, what is the most important skill that a young adult needs, in order to be successful?

Perseverance. Life can get hard, and may even take a mental toll, but the key to success, is to fight through. Some days you might not want to get up for work (or whatever), but you got to fight through. Keep a positive attitude about yourself, and positivity will come to you.


This is SEEED’s Weekly Voice. Until next time, keep growing!

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