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The purpose of the SEEED Community Engagement Specialist is to promote and support the community, making a noticeable positive impact through  promoting and supporting the SEEED mission and vision throughout the community.  The primary means of achieving this is through Specialist interaction with local citizens, businesses, and government representatives to educate the public about beneficial programs and services.


Desired Attributes of a SEEED Community Engagement Specialist:

Commitment to the SEEED Mission and Vision

Community-minded: Caring attitude/desire to make a positive difference in the community

→ “People person:” Comfortable interacting with a diverse set of new individuals on a regular basis.

Reliability: Can be counted upon to do what they say they will do. “What had happened was…”  is not a personal option for explaining why they did not call in or show up when scheduled to work.

Effective Communicator:  prepare and present information in a clear, logical, and efficient manner.

Team Player: Ability and desire to collaborate with and support co-workers; give and take constructive criticism.

Teacher/Mentor: Ability and desire to provide effective Community Engagement training and guidance to trainees.

Organized:  Ability to plan out and implement work schedules

Self-Starter:  Can operate in a productive way with minimal supervision;

Networked: Has extensive network of good relationships in one or more Knoxville neighborhoods


Required Skills:

→ Ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations

→ Phone skills: speaking clearly and politely

→ Proficient in data entry in spreadsheets such as Excel/Google Sheets

→ Ability to send/receive email, create and share Google Docs


General Responsibilities:

→ Conducting door-to-door canvassing campaigns, including opinion surveys, explaining programs and services available to residents, inviting people to events, etc

→ Passing out flyers for community events in targeted neighborhoods

→ Organizing community events and workshops, including workshop design and training

→ Recruiting students for SEEED’s Job Readiness Program

→ Canvass training and supervising of SEEED Job Readiness Program students

→ Marketing SEEED’s Community Engagement services, including local business promotion and social media

→ All aspects of canvassing campaign development and implementation

→ Data entry of survey results and documentation of work hours


Performance Expectations:

→ Professionalism in speech, dress, and behavior

→ Project positive public image of SEEED at all times

→ Teamwork: Full engagement in group efforts; Presence at all team meetings

→ Punctuality

→ Reasonable prior notice for absences and tardiness

→ Submit accurate timesheets on designated dates

→ Organize and maintain campaign materials

→ Report to Community Engagement Manager

Reliable transportation

Reliable smart phone and service

Next Cohort: February 13-22 [Tuesday-Thursday, 1-6 pm]

GreenCAP Community Engagement Specialist


SEEED’s Career Readiness Program is a 6-10 week program that teaches life, job and placement skills.

Next Cohort: April 2018

SEEED Career Readiness Program