GreenCAP (Green Community Awareness Program) is a social enterprise for community engagement and marketing, operated within the nonprofit organization Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development (SEEED). Originally designed as a community service program for at-risk youth to educate their neighbors about sustainability practices, GreenCAP has become a uniquely positioned service for highly effective outreach, education, and marketing to low and moderate income residents, BY low and moderate income residents. Staying with, and yet beyond our original mission, we now serve a broad array of clients desiring to effectively distribute or collect information from these communities. We have proven expertise in specialized, “high touch” community engagement/outreach campaigns that utilize trusted information channels, relationships, and networks in communities not easily understood nor accessed by outside entities.


GreenCAP Canvass:

Door-to-door canvassing and other engagement of residents in targeted neighborhoods for surveys, literature distribution, energy or health education, program outreach, data collection, event promotion, and marketing of products and services.

GreenCAP Workshops:

Creative, fun, participatory energy efficiency workshops that are facilitated by SEEED students.

Recent Campaigns and Workshops

  • Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover 2015 – 16: Door-to-door engagement and surveys of 711 low income residents on saving energy while enabling 285 residents to sign up for a weatherization program.
  • City of Knoxville Trash Cart and Recycling Campaign 2016: Door-to-door engagement of 450 low income residents regarding delivery of new trash carts while signing up 213 households for curbside recycling
  • Savings in the House Workshops 2016: Approximately 114 weatherization program participants attended one of a series of energy efficiency workshops led by SEEED students.


SEEED Canvassing, December 2016 from Jacob Resor on Vimeo.